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Paws’n’Learn Studio, Vision House, 119 Factory Road, Hinckley. LE10 0DP                                    

One Day Tellington TTouch Workshops - Sunday 9.30am to 4.30pm

Learn about Tellington TTouch in a small group workshop of no more than five people and dogs. TTouch is a forward thinking approach to training and  behaviour. It helps dogs who find it difficult to concentrate/sensitive to noise/need help to calm down.

So …. how can TTouch help? Learn about the fascinating link between posture and behaviour with TTouch bodywork and groundwork exercises in a relaxed, fun atmosphere at Paws’n’Learn Studio with Marie Miller TTouch Instructor




TTouch Practitioner Training (5 DAYS) 16th to 20th September 2017

at TTouch TTEAM UK Centre, Tilley Farm, Bath. BA2 0AB

Assistant applications are also invited from qualified Practitioners who wish to update their skills for CPD

Download assistant’s application form


TTouch Practitioner Training Modules (3 days) (£270.00 per clinic)

30th June to 2nd July 2018   &   1st to 3rd September 2018

at TTouch TTEAM UK Centre, Tilley Farm, Bath. BA2 0AB

These two three day clinic will cover TTouch bodywork, use of body wraps, groundwork and observations. They are open to anybody who would like to learn TTouch techniques to help the animals in their care.

The clinics will each count as half a clinic for those wishing to train and qualify as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals. These clinics are also open to those already enrolled in the TTouch Practitioner Training Programme

Assistant applications are also invited from qualified Practitioners who wish to update their skills for CPD

Download assistant’s application form


TTouch for Handlers - improve your co-ordination and balance

TTouch One Day Workshops

Tellington TTouch is a brilliant way to improve your health, co-ordination and balance. Dogs generally do a brilliant job coping with the person on the other end of their lead. Do you ever feel clumsy? Do you ever feel as if you are more of a hinderance than a help to your dog? Are you slower than you used to be? Is there anything that you can do to ease nagging aches and pains?

Many modalaties encourage you to explore the body’s limits. TTouch celebrates what your body CAN do and creates new possibilities. We will be exploring TTouch body work, ground work and wraps for humans to improve body awareness, movement and balance. Shift the focus from your dog’s performance and improve your own. This workshop is for people only - no dogs. 

Please register an interest and dates available whether weekday or weekend


1-2-1 TTouch Sessions - by appointment

TTouch Staff Trainings - by appointment

TTouch Talks and Demonstrations - by appointment

For more information contact Marie - 07774 220049 or email 



If your dog has been given Kennel Cough vaccine - 7 days must elapse without any snuffling, sneezing or coughing before they can attend Paws’n’Learn Studio for any reason whatsoever. The 7 day rule applies if your dog has been in contact with another dog who has kennel cough.



Tellington TTouch was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones who has been closely supported in it's development by her sister Robyn Hood. It is a method of training animals without using fear or force.

The non-habitual movements help to release tension using gentle bodywork and physically balancing  groundwork exercises.

TTouch works with the nervous system to improve mental, physical and emotional balance, bringing an enhanced ability to learn and co-operate with improved confidence and focus.

TTouch crosses language barriers and is now used in many different countries around the world. One of the most exciting things about this work is that it constantly evolves as we experiment and add more tools to our toolbox.TTouch creates the opportunity for animals and people to experience a different way to respond. Over time this can help them to learn how to shift from previously habitual behaviour patterns.

Click the link below to go to Linda Tellington-Jones' site in the USA. This excellent site gives a wealth of further information about TTouch, an International list of TTouch Companion Animal and Equine Practitioners, plus an on-line shop which gives details of and supplies books, videos and equipment.

We see our animals as companions and partners in life. TTouch is something that we do FOR animals not TO them. We seek to gain their trust to motivate them to co-operate without using force.

We meet and accept the animal where they are NOW - not where you would like them to be. Celebrate small improvements and accept that what they are able to give at that moment in time. It is very important to be aware of and pay attention to the information that the animal is trying to communicate. If something feels a little uncomfortable for the animal, there is no rush to work in that area, move back to something that helps them to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Then gently push the barriers of their comfort zone again, quickly coming back to a place that feels safe for the animal. You will be amazed at how quickly trust and confidence grows as the animal becomes aware that you are 'listening' and will not push too far, too fast.

In modern behaviour therapy and training, TTouch is a valuable tool to help modify stress related, aggressive and generally boistrous behaviour. TTouch can also be a beneficial therapy in addition to not instead of Veterinary Treatment to ease discomfort caused by some physical injuries or conditions. On a general level, really helps to enhance the animal / family relationship.

For more information about Tellington TTouch and to locate TTouch Practitioners around the UK please visit the website of the UK TTouch/TTEAM Centre links to TTouch sites in other countries


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