Car Travel

The safest way for your dog to travel is by using a custom car cage or a car dog harness for restraint. It is dangerous and distracting to have a dog leaping around inside a moving vehicle. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, an unrestrained dog will be thrown violently and can cause serious injury to other passengers or be thrown out of the vehicle on impact.

Your dog should become used to travelling in the car as soon as possible. Put the dog in the place you want him/her to travel. It is unfair to allow him/her on your lap in the front if ultimately you want the dog to travel on the back seat or behind a dog guard. A cut-down cardboard box with a familiar blanket enables the dog to lie down and brace itself against the sides so that the movement of the car does not throw him/her around. Praise the dog when he/she is still and quiet. Do not speak if there is noise or jumping around, just calmly replace the dog in the box until settled then praise quietly.

Begin with short journeys and gradually build up the distance so that he/she learns to travel happily and comfortably. When your dog is used to travelling in the car it is also worth remembering that it’s helpful to include some routine and less exciting destinations. Dogs who only travel to exciting/fun places by car often become over enthusiastic and noisy travellers as they anticipate the fun that lies ahead!


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