What is TTouch?  

Tellington TTouch is a method of working with animals without fear or force. This method of Training combines light Bodywork with balancing and confidence building Groundwork exercises, which help to release tension from the body. This helps to improve mental, physical and emotional balance, opening up new channels of trust and communication, bringing an enhanced ability to learn and co-operate. TTouch helps to reduce stress related, excitable and reactive behaviour.

TTouch has a wide area of application. Below are some of the areas in which it can be used to great effect. For rescue societies, clubs, groups or employers who may wish to apply Tellington TTouch in a more specific way it is possible to book Marie Miller to come and teach a specialist Workshop.

TTouch can also be a beneficial therapy in addition to - not instead of - medical treatment to ease discomfort caused by some physical injuries or conditions. Clients are seen on a one-to-one basis by appointment or as part of a group during Workshops.

One-to-one clients are seen by appointment at Coventry and Hinckley or by home visit. Marie will assess and work with the animal. Owners/carers will also be taught how to continue to help the animal using the best TTouch methods for each individual animal.

The emphasis of a Workshop is to give hands-on experience of TTouch. The aim is to give the opportunity to practise with each other and with participating animals so that everybody takes some practical skills away from the day. The Workshops are suitable for animals who are able to spend periods of time both in the hall working with people, and time in the car or their indoor kennel to rest, without becoming unduly stressed or reactive.

Puppies grow quickly. It is often difficult for their minds to keep up with the speed at which their body grows. This affects movement and physical balance which in turn can affect the puppy's emotional development and balance.  If pups get into the habit of holding tension in certain parts of the body they can become over excitable and difficult to manage, or very sensitive and reactive to being touched.

By using TTouch an owner can build a bond more quickly as well as enhance their pup's confidence and abilty to learn. This helps to reduce behaviours associated with over excitement or fear.

A puppy who is aware of its body and moves with confidence finds it much easier to learn to walk on a loose lead and cope with new experiences or situations.

When an animal is suffering from a medical condition or recovering from injury, anxiety and stress can make life much more difficult for them and hinder the healing process. TTouch can reduce the stress caused by pain or trauma which makes it easier for the animal to cope with his/her situation. It does not in any way interfere with the veterinary treatment that the animal is already receiving.

With progressive conditions, such as arthritis, an animal will often adjust movement to cope with the changes in his/her body. This can create additional pressure to other areas because the body is no longer in physical balance. TTouch can reduce discomfort by allowing the animal to relax enough                                                                       to ease the additionally stressed areas.

Following recovery from a physical injury animals often hold a cellular memory of the pain and 'guard' the previously injured area by moving in a habitual way. The non-habitual, movements of TTouch body and ground work exercises can help the animal to learn how to move in physical balance again and come back to full fitness.

It is well known that humans can gain health benefits from sharing their lives with animals. In our stressful and busy lives the unconditional warmth and companionship given by our pets is invaluable. However, we should not overlook that today's society can also be stressful for them and pets can absorb some of our emotion and stress. TTouch is a wonderful way to enhance the relationship and give back some of the love and warmth shown to us by helping the animal to let go and totally relax.

Performance and condition can suffer when animals or handlers are affected by 'competition nerves'. In the Show Ring, stress can affect movement, the condition of the coat and confidence while being examined by the judge. In Obedience, Working Trials, Agility and Rally, a dog's ability to learn new tasks,                                                                       and to perform in physical and emotional balance is enhanced by the use of TTouch. Some of the exercises promote relaxation/confidence while others show how the after-effects of a strenuous physical performance can be eased with the use of TTouch.

In some areas 'firework season' seems to run from late September to the New Year, so animals suffering from sound sensitivity have a difficult few months. Often Touch and Sound sensitivity go hand in glove because of body tension caused by anxiety. In the human and animal world, touch is a loving and bonding part of relationships. An animal avoiding physical contact can miss out on so much and so can the owners.

Animals need to be examined and handled for regular grooming, health checks, for treatment at the Veterinary Centre, Grooming Parlour and while at Boarding Kennels. We can do so much to help those who are touch sensitive to make these experiences less stressful.

The nature of these problems makes it too stressful for an animal with these issues to attend a full workshop. However, if by prior arrangement a delegate wishes to arrange for their animal to be brought in for a short period this can be very useful. I will work with their animal and demonstrate to the group as a whole how to assess stress levels and how physical tension held in the body can contribute to habitual and reactive behaviour. TTouch can increase the animals' ability to be mentally present and learn new habitual responses. Practical and safe ways of beginning to release tension and stored trauma will be demonstrated and explained to show how TTouch can enhance the process of rehabilitation.

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