Princess Poppy


Princess Poppy had a bit of a difficult start. She was taken into her local vets in March 2013 and left to either be re-homed or put to sleep. 

At first I offered her a place of safety and some training to overcome her problem behaviour. Famous last words! PP had already been in five different places since leaving the litter. My heart melted when we met and it was soon obvious that she had now arrived in her forever home.

In her last home she had spent many, many hours per day locked in an indoor kennel. When let out she was 'naughty' and 'hyperactive' so she was put back in the kennel. Then because she barked hysterically while in the indoor kennel, her owner was advised to hire a spray collar in an attempt to stop her making a noise.

Poppy travelled down well, had a bit of a panic when she saw new sister Wispa's indoor kennel and hid in the garden. She eventually came in and met her new friends and then crashed out on me - absolutely exhausted.


Just over a week in her new home and although I tried to sort out her coat, the time had come for Poppy to visit her Auntie Rachel for a proper hair do. She was a very good girl.

She was still painfully thin - not because her previous owners under fed her but because of the nervous energy she burned. She can be exhausting to be around, barking, moving everywhere at high speed, stealing things and guarding them, diving on the other dogs and ragging them.

Everybody was as patient as possible - as if they knew she just has no self control. Poppy made up for this challenging behaviour by being quick to learn, very affectionate and enormous fun!


OMG! Her first time off the lead, couldn't get any photos or even a video because she moved so fast, never seen a dog move so fast - incredible. Her recall training has paid off though, she was SUCH a good girl coming when called.

This is a bit of a sad photo and still makes me feel quite emotional. The furry cushion came with Poppy, it was in her indoor kennel and she's very attached to it. The cushion is bigger than her but she tried to drag it with her whatever room she was in. 

If she wore out her welcome playing too rough with the other dogs or couldn't get attention immediately from us when she demanded it, Poppy would bury her face in the cushion and suck it. She became less and less dependent on it, the more she settled in. Now it is mostly left in the van in her travel pod. It is the only place she now spends time on her own so she likes to cuddle up to it. More photos of Princess Poppy and her new friends below.


Princess Poppy is still on a steep learning curve & is enjoying life with her new friends.


We still have a way to go. Tellington TTouch and Clicker Training have been and will continue to be invaluable tools in helping Poppy to achieve her potential.

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