The New Year of 2003 brought a wonderful new addition to our family in the shape of Trance. She is a 7mth old German Shepherd bitch bred by Pauline Jackson of Druidale GSDs. I have wanted one of Pauline's pups for a long time and was delighted to discover that Trance, the daugher of one of my favourite GSD bitches ever was looking for the right forever home. She is a dream come true and has fitted into the family as if she has always been here. Her temperament is wonderful, she accepts new experiences like a much older dog but is great fun, very playful, eager to learn and please.

Pauline is always undertakes to have back any puppy she has bred if the family want to part with it for any reason. This is what happened with Trance, she was returned at 6mths old. In spite of the promises made when she had gone to her new home, she had not been well socialised or housetrained. With the help of the other Druidale GSDs and Pauline's hard work getting her out and about to experience people and situations, Trance soon caught up with her social skills and just 4 weeks later is a very well balanced and social youngster. Pauline is very dedicated to her dogs and their welfare. She travelled from Hull to the West Midlands on New Years Eve and stayed with us for most of the day to be sure in her own mind that her baby would now have a settled, loving and permanent home.


12 months on and Trance has been an absolute delight. She has travelled the country with me and is a wonderful mix of mad, playful nutter at home ... calm sensible travelling companion. She seems to know instinctively when she needs to be quiet and calm and when it is OK to let go and act crazy!




Trance crossed over on 21st September 2006 after a short illness. She was one of the most brave and stoical GSDs that it has ever been my pleasure to know. It was an honour to share the short time that we spent together and I am left feeling lost without my little sweetheart.


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