Fluffy Stuffy


Fluffy was adopted by her first owners as a puppy from a local animal shelter. Alan and Pat wanted a small pet dog and were advised that she would grow up to be the size of a cairn terrier. She continued to grow and caused havoc in their home, destroying furniture, stripping wallpaper, toileting in the house. Tess dragged them along when out for a walk, mugged innocent passers by for a cuddle and refused to come back on the rare occasions that they dared to let her off or she escaped the lead.

When she was eight months old they no longer felt able to cope and Fluff came to join the Paws'n'Learn Team. She is extremely active and clever, willing to turn her paw to anything new.


Fluff works extremely well with other dogs and because of her long hair, exaggerates her body language to give wonderfully clear signals, making her a wonderful socializing assistant for Paws'n'Learn.

She has learned Assistance Dog tasks - appearing at Crufts in the Dogaid Team and at many venues around the country. She also enjoys working trials exercises and clicker training is great fun because Fluffy is very creative in offering new behaviours. She has also dabbled in TV & photographic work, appearing in a promotional video for Animal Enterprises, on TV in Dangerfield & Crime Squad and has recently had a series of photographs taken for a leading national newspaper.

She has a mutual admiration society with my friend Rachel Udall, proprietor of "Mutz" groomers in Atherstone, who has borrowed her on a couple of occasions to spend the morning with children from the local school. Fluff and Rachel's great dane Sam, provide an excellent contrast of size and coat texture. The children love them and cue up to give them both a cuddle.

Above all she is a much loved family pet. Fluffy needs plenty of mental stimulation to keep her out of mischief and is a joy to live with now she has given up 'house destruction'. She likes to help by fetching and carrying, has her own duster and a little cart that she pulls around. In the office she picks up dropped coins and paper clips, generally making Marie laugh and keeping her company.



          Fluffy Crossed Over on her 17th Birthday                  Bye for now Special Girl ......   please come back and visiit 


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