Sophie is truly a treasured gift of fate, Marie's 'shadow girl' always quietly close by. She joined the Miller family at fourteen months old when a stranger phoned to say, "My wife wants this dog out of our house, tonight. It's untrainable and nasty, she doesn't trust it with the kids". Sophie was an emotional mess, aggressive to people and other dogs, not house trained, destructive and noisy when left at home. However, from day one there was a special relationship between Sophie and Marie.

It was quickly discovered that she was cross eyed and this affected how she judged distance. She seemed to have few social skills and her previous experience of learning was clearly by trial and error. The errors had been punished harshly. She was desperate to please and so delighted when she got things right. In a positive learning environment, her rehabilitation was remarkably swift. Within six months she was totally sociable with people and other dogs. Sophie quickly became an invaluable member of the Paws'n'Learn Team.


She was our senior dog and welcomed dogs Gem, Fluffy and Tad, plus numerous foster rehabs. into the family, as well as rescue cat Toffee. Sophie had hip dysplacia and this prevented her from competing in working trials but she enjoyed success in Elementary CD, novelty and obedience classes.


There is a very sad footnote to Sophie's page. Tragically, while enjoying a lovely afternoon with Marie and companions Jake, Fluffy and Tad at Paws'n'Learn Dog School on Saturday, 10th June 2000 .... Sophie suffered two massive seizures and died very suddenly on the field. Her unexpected passing was a terrible shock for those who shared their lives with her. The one comfort is that she was in a place she loved and in the company of those she loved. The Behaviour Problems Forum/TTACT UK Picnic on Sunday, 18th of June 2000 will be dedicated to her memory. There is no more fitting tribute to Sophie than to have this special group of people, who so value and respect Companion Animals meet at this particular place. Those who were lucky enough to meet her will never forget Marie's Treasured Gift of Kismet.


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