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Such A Fab Place With So Much Support And Knowledge - Jo Haddon

I have been taking my dogs to marie for 14 years, they have all started with her as a puppy in puppy classes, right thru the ages for follow on groups, she has such a special connection to animals, she uses positive reinforcement for her training and she also makes the training all about having fun with your dog so it’s enjoyable for dog and owner

The Greatest Instructor And Mentor Ever - Alex Wilson DTC

I met Marie when I first got my puppy and was having problems with loose lead walking. Marie came and showed me some great strategies from her Tellington TTouch tool kit which was really helpful. I later joined Marie's puppy school to do further training with my dog which was an incredible place, such great learning. I ended up helping at class and Marie persuaded me to train as a Tellington TTouch practitioner. Marie has supported me throughout my dog and dog training journey is someone who has always had my back and she is not just an incredible trainer, behaviourist and instructor she is a role model for anyone looking to get into dog training. Thank you Marie for being such an awesome inspiration 

Comment on Facebook from Tracie Koziura: Without the amazing support, experience and knowledge from Marie at Paws'n'Learn I don't think Loki would ever have achieved the amazing goals he has. Marie has always managed to find new ways to help Loki connect with us and help him move forward - and it has always been fun! Loki and I can't recommend Paws'n'Learn enough! 😊🐶🐾

Comment on Facebook from Jo Haddon: I can not recommend this training school highly enough, I love it and the dogs love it, it’s fun, light hearted and she has an incredible way of communicating with dogs on all levels 🤗 if you have a pup ..... seriously .. go there, she does follow on groups too for all levels and ages 🤗  Jj

Comments: Marie You are and always have been an inspiration to me, because of you I am now an approved instructor of the ADTB and studying Canine Psychology with the Canine Behaviour Centre. I always tell my clients about you my first dog trainer. Hope you are well Tam x

Comments: Marie has been absolutely fantastic and has really helped our family. We rescued a Rottie, who at 2.5 yrs was boisterous, over powering and very anti-social. After several sessions with trainers who should rethink their life choices, we were at our wits end. Then a web search led us to Marie.........thank you God. Wow, words can't describe. I really feel we have a great bond with our dog now and Marie has tought us so much. From the word go she tackled the problem head-on and it is working. It will take time, but we now have the most amazing foundations for turning our unruly dog into the perfect pooch. 

Thank you so much Marie. To anyone out there with a dog problem, give Marie a call, she is the best and has such a genuine love of dogs. She will be able to help where others fail. Rachel Forbe

Comments: im training glen a collie who is about 7months, my mum is also a dog trainer caroline harrold she passed ur site on as ur a lady hu knows her stuff and its very true! ur site is wonderfull and will help me to get to know my dog and train him well, were not doing to bad at the moment but ur site has sure helped us learn more! i too hope to become a dog trainer and will definately follow all ur advice, so for now me an glen will carry on happy wiv eachother and accomplish our work wiv one another, many thanks cassy harrold

Comments: Hello Marie!! Luca the GSD would like to thank you from the bottom of his heart for the TTouch weekend at Leeds 12&13/06/04. He really enjoyed being TTouched. One very anxious and scared little fella who has come so far but still has a long road ahead of him. Bev. Bridlington, East Yorks.

Comments: Marie you may or may not remember me but I am sure you will remmember penny. Me and Penny my black labrador used to attend your classes in kingsbury in year 2000 (pen quite often took herself around your agility course, and used to love diving in the surface water around!!). It was great to see your web site and see pictures of some of the dogs I used to see and your new additions. I came across your Web site today whilst telling a friend about your training, she is currently having problems with her dog and I have recommended she contacts you. Best wishes to you. Claire, Tamworth


Comments: I am one of those lucky enough to have received and learned from your advice. I do believe that understanding a dog has many aspects and since you always consider them all, I feel fortunate to have a wonderful source of information, compassion, and knowledge. Keep up the wonderful work!!!! Denise (USA)

Comments: I'm one of those humans lucky enough to have met up with you Marie...thank you for all your help and support. My world is a better place thanks to you. This site, like you, will make a difference! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes always, Rox

Comments: Hi Marie! 

Well Im really proud of you and all you have acheived. Im also proud to be able to call you a "wonderful friend" and someone that has a great and deep understanding of all the lovely animals that comes through your hands. If a dog or a human for that matter is in need, emotionally or behaviourally and they happen to pass through you in their life time, then they are one very lucky animal. Good luck in all you do! Love Gill

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