Tad is a dalmatian/labrador cross. He joined us as a foster baby. Tad had spent the first eight months of his life on a farmyard with his mum and aunt, also had regular contact with his dad, a handsome yellow labrador. There was opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with many other species in that home environment .... but the outside world was a big, unknown and very scary place to him.

Away from the yard, Tad fell apart at the seams, found it difficult to cope and shut down mentally. He was incredibly car sick and looked like he had been gunged after the shortest of journeys. He knew nothing about house training and things like washing machines and vaccuum cleaners were potentially horrible monsters, about to do something awful to him. Feeling the restriction of a collar and lead totally freaked him out. It was clear that he needed alot of help before he could be rehomed.

After much patient work and confidence building an excellent home was found for Tad, with Julie and Rick from Corley K9 Pool. It was ideal as they owned an older dalmatian and understood the breed well. They were more than prepared to continue with his rehabilitation and then fate took a hand. His 'new Dad' became seriously ill and as the weeks passed, it became unclear when Tad would be able to join his new family, as Rick's recovery would be slow and uncertain. Tad was very settled and happy with us so after discussions with Julie and Rick, it was decided that he would become a permanent member of the Paws'n'Learn Team.

Tad's confidence has grown enormously but he still has a way to go before he will feel confident in all new situations and circumstances. He  will be brought on at a pace that he can cope with. A big plus for Tad is his skill in communicating clearly with other dogs, which makes him a tremendous asset as a Paws'n'Learn socialising assistant.


Tad is still initially shy with strangers, particularly men but his recovery time has improved amazingly. Below he is helping to demonstrate Mouth and Ear TTouches for an article in Dogs Monthly magazine. 

The photographs were taken by Rob Tysall who Tad had never met before. The presence of a stranger AND a camera shows just how far Tad has come and how much he has benefitted from TTouch. The third photo shows a very happy boy who has just opened his Christmas 2003 presents proudly clutching his favourite Santa Polar Bear.



    Tadpole Miller    August 1999 - 9th December 2013

Our special boy Tad lived to a grand old age and was a rock for the younger dogs,  in the family and our cat Brynn. 

He passed away in his own bed with all of his family around him. 

We feel blessed to have shared our lives and home with such a gentle and generous soul.

Sleep well Tad until we meet again.  


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